Marketing and Development

Enter Iran Market - Tejaras


Located in one of the most strategic regions in the world with the population of more than 80 million people, Iran is among the emerging markets of the world.

Iran market includes various industries particularly oil and gas, petroleum, manufacturing, healthcare and beauty, information technology, industrial equipment and machinery, trade, agriculture, chemicals, telecommunication, food, construction, banking, automotive, textile and leather, transportation, and mining.

We are grateful to offer you services including:

  • Letting you know the REAL market situation in Iran for your products/services
  • Proposing the marketing plans and calculating the actual costs of marketing and advertising
  • Searching, finding and negotiating with the potential Iranian customers and clients of your products/services
  • Following up with your current potential customers in Iran and promoting your products/services to the new customers as well
  • Arranging the partnership and exclusivity contracts with your potential customers with in-depth knowledge of Iran market norms and regulation